Follow up after Playtime

Wow, it was HOT in Paris. Not only the weather was hot but the fashion as well.
I really enjoyed talking to the designers about their collections. Some brands have a big design team but there are some brands with only one or two hardworking people (woman!) that carry the brand and its collections. Respect!

A couple of brands will be add to the agency on short term notice, very very excited and it feels good to get that trust. Happy to be a part of these families.

Next summer trends???
The leopard is still going strong and other jungle fevers will be presented as well. The love of terry is not over yet so our loved ones can be cuddled as much as we like.
Stay tuned for new brands in the Netherlands!

Playtime in Paris

This weekend Annie’s agency will be a the number one trade show for children and maternity clothing. We can’t wait to see all these lovely brands and high quality materials. Do you want to know what the next trend is going to be and which brand we have added to the agency?

I will tell you alllll about it, next time.


Love, Annebet